Dulhan (Bridal) Make Up

Indian brides are expected to look gorgeous on their wedding day, and the right makeup can make a statement for the bride. It is imperative therefore, to have an experienced and updated Makeup artist who is knowledgeable and well versed with the latest yearly trends in bridal makeup looks. Hair styling should also be discussed as it is helpful to create the look, the artist is aiming for. A desi look is incomplete without red lips and braided hair. Simple light makeup, with nude lips is also trending with COVID 19 restrictions in place 


Dulhan Makeup

Bridal Makeup trends

The year 2020 started off with restrictions on weddings and people avoiding direct contact with each other. As we move on to 2021, the wedding season restrictions are still in place. Since the bride usually knows which products, she is allergic to, we discuss all possibilities before the D-day, and are well prepared for creating looks which compliment the brides clothes. From subtle, nude to glitter, depending on the choice, we can create any kind of look for the bride. Trendy Eye makeup with different shades or glitter to compliment the shimmer on your face, we can do it all. Our specialty is the Maharashtrian bridal look, which has to match the vibrant ensemble and the traditional vibe of the Nauvari sari along with the green bangles and flowers in the hair. Hair styling is critical and therefore, we discuss it in detail, while creating the look.






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