Advertising photographers

Product photographer
Product Photographer

Catalogs, brochures and advertisement posters require high resolution and quality images with enriched color

Jewellery model photoshoot

Highly reflective and shiny surfaces are the hallmark of most gold and diamond based Jewellery products

Food Photographer

Texture, lighting and colors are what makes a food photo tempt you into ordering it from the restaurant menu

Advertising campaigns

Lighting and color

Light direction, Intensity and reflection off product surfaces determine the skill level of the product photographer and it can create positive marketing campaigns. Non-reflective backgrounds and specialized editing skills are required to create a high impact image, whether the intended use is for print or social media posts. A realistic looking product image, where the texture is easily identifiable, can help in making the right decisions for buyers

Jewellery Campaigns

Crisp and clear details

Jewellery photography is a skill acquired by very few photographers and requires specific equipment and editing software's to deliver a quality product to the client. The intricate structure, pattern and bright colors should be perfectly captured with proper lighting of the correct intensity and angles. Primarily being well versed with fashion, we have developed an expertise in clicking jewelry with models, and have already worked with a number of brands for their in house catalogs or marketing brochures

Food Photography

Texture, styling and light

Using props, styling based on the ingredients and perfect lighting, are the essence of producing a food image with the potential to be ordered from the menu. The customer decision is directly proportional to the drooling aspect of the image and hence, images created by bloggers for social media, can not be used for print campaigns or restaurant menus / brochures. A planned photo shoot is usually required where the stylist arranges the props based on the type of food, it's texture and layers, colors and overall requirement of the client


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