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Advertising Photographers in Mumbai

For content creation and Influencer marketing

Lighting and color?

Photographers experience of Advertising is easily visible from their Portfolio. Light direction, Intensity and reflection off product surfaces determine the skill level of the product photographer and it can create positive marketing campaigns. Non-reflective backgrounds and specialized editing skills are required to create a high impact image, whether the intended use is for print or social media posts. A realistic looking product image, where the texture is easily identifiable, can help in making the right decisions for buyers

Jewellery photography is a skill acquired by very few photographers and requires specific equipment and editing software's to deliver a quality product to the client. The intricate structure, pattern and bright colors should be perfectly captured with proper lighting of the correct intensity and angles. Primarily being well versed with fashion, we have developed an expertise in clicking jewelry with models, and have already worked with a number of brands for their in house catalogs or marketing brochures

Using props, styling based on the ingredients and perfect lighting, are the essence of producing a food image with the potential to be ordered from the menu. The customer decision is directly proportional to the drooling aspect of the image and hence, images created by bloggers for social media, can not be used for print campaigns or restaurant menus / brochures. A planned photo shoot is usually required where the stylist arranges the props based on the type of food, it's texture and layers, colors and overall requirement of the client

Product photography requires a high degree of skill, equipment and lighting knowledge and experience. Very few photographers in Mumbai own studios which are capable of shooting products which are intended for banners and outdoor advertising. Advertising photographers own high resolution cameras, capable of generating images upwards of 24MP and upto 100MP depending on the requirement and clients budget. Our primary focus is towards Social media as we move towards a future where advertising is going to be Internet based with Apps such as Instagram and Facebook being the revenue generators for most of our clients. Videos for reels and YouTube are also popular options and we are geared to take on the challenges faced in creating content for these platforms.

Social Media Campaigns

Specific campaign shoots for Instagram and Facebook
Fashion Photographer
Fashion photographer

Editorials for magazines, or catalogs for promotion, we use specialized equipment and backgrounds for photoshoots related to Apparel / fashion accessories or Lookbook and Model Portfolio photoshoots

Nilam Chauhan
Content Creator

We aim to create high impact images and videos combined with creative graphic designs for platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to drive sales promotions and marketing activities for clients

Samiksha Takke
Influencer Photoshoots

We help companies promote their brands within their budgets, using potential influencers to create effective social media strategies to drive sales by attracting potential buyers with images and videos


No. Since we cater to various cities like Mumbai and Pune, we haven't invested in our own studio. Also due to the nature of the equipment required, we choose the right studio near you, which has the necessary lights and modifiers for your specific photoshoots

Yes. We arrange for a stylist at an optional cost based on the type of shoot. Examples are.. A fashion stylist, food stylist or Jewellery stylist as well as chroma lighting experts for green screen videography

No. Specialized editing skills are required for Advertising photography and based on our discussions, we can supply you the unedited RAW/JPEG files or edited JPEG files.

Our In-house full frames cameras have a maximum of 36MP resolution. Please discuss in advance if you require higher resolution for a specific project

Yes. Most of our Jewellery shoots take place at the clients office / showroom and we arrange for the light equipment

Yes, Mobile phones simply don't have the resolution required to create catalogs / banners for printing and therefore any advertising photographer is expected to have high resolution cameras during the photoshoot


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